Summer 2019 Unit 1 Pentecost Sunday


Lesson 7 God Is Great

July 14, 2019


The greatness of God evokes our worship.

The Lesson Overview


God is great!

God is gracious!

God is faithful!

These three proclamations form the basis for countless songs, sermons, and Bible studies. Christians have repeated them, in various forms, since the beginnings of the Church. And here we find these great truths articulated in the form of a majestic poem from David, the ruler of Israel and a man who sought the heart of God.

As we move through this lesson, think about what each statement means, especially in light of the gospel. Convey to students how the lives of the lost and hurting can be forever changed when they turn to worship our great, gracious, and faithful Lord. 

Study Text

Psalm 145:1-21

Key Verse

Psalm 145:3

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable (KJV).


1. Proclaim the Lord’s Greatness 

     Psalm 145:1–7

          A. Exalting Our King

          B. Speak of God’s Works

2.  The Lord Is Gracious 

     Psalm 145:8–16

          A. Grace, Compassion, and Glory

          B. Entirely Trustworthy

3.  The Lord Is Faithful 

     Psalm 145:17–21

          A. Righteous and Near

          B. Praise His Name



Monday:  God Alone Is Worthy of Worship.

 Exodus 20:1–6

Tuesday:  Call to Worship God.

Psalm 95:1–7

Wednesday: Undone by God’s Glory.

Isaiah 6:1–7

Thursday: Worship in Spirit and Truth.

John 4:20–24

Friday:  Pattern for Worship.

Acts 2:42–47

Saturday: Heavenly Worship.

Revelation 19:1–8

Radiant Life Volume 100 Summer Number 4 June- August 2019 Adult Student Guide. Scripture KJV. By Gospel Publishing House