Sumer 2019 Unit 1 Selected Psalms of David


Lesson 6 God Knows His Own

July 7, 2019

God intimately knows the hearts of His people.

The Lesson Overview

There are few desires more common to all humanity than the simple desire to be known and accepted by others. Yet many struggle with the thought of being fully known, for fear that others will reject them as a result. 

Psalm 139 explores the idea of being known in the most fundamental way: Every human being is fully known by God. For some, this is a source of fear; for others, a source of great comfort. As this lesson reveals, it is a matter of perspective. The believer knows that God is supreme Creator, and all-knowing (or, “omniscient”) Lord. He knows us because He made us. And as we examine Psalm 139, we find great comfort in knowing that He is always near to His people. 


Psalm 139:1-24


Psalm 139:23

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts  (KJV).


1. Lord, You Know Me 

     Psalm 139:1–6,23–24

          A. Completely Known

          B. Know My Heart

2.  Lord, You Are Always Near 

     Psalm 139:7–12

          A. Where Can I Go?

          B. Through the Darkness

3.  Lord, You Made Me 

     Psalm 139:13–18

          A. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

          B. God’s Thoughts


Daily Bible Readings

Monday:  God Sees Everything.

Job 28:20–28

Tuesday:  God’s Understanding Is Infinite.

Psalm 147:1–11

Wednesday: The Greatness of God’s Thoughts.

Isaiah 55:6–9

Thursday: God’s Omniscience Gives Us Security.

Matthew 10:26–31

Friday:  Praise for God’s Omniscience.

Romans 11:33–36

Saturday: God’s Word Exposes Intentions.

Hebrews 4:12–13

 Radiant Life 

Volume 100 Summer Number 4  June-August 2019 Adult Student Guide. Scripture KJV. By Gospel Publishing House