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From the Pastor's Study



The marble tablet measures 24 by 15 inches
and dates back to the first half of
the first century. It reads:

“It is my decision [concerning] graves and tombs—whoever has made them for the religious observances of parents, or children, or household members—that these remain undisturbed forever. But if anyone legally charges that another person has destroyed, or has in any manner extracted those who have been buried, or has moved with wicked intent those who have been buried to other places, committing a crime against them, or has moved sepulcher-sealing stones, against such a person I order that a judicial tribunal be created, just as [is done] concerning the gods in human religious observances, even more so will it be obligatory to treat 

with honor those who have been entombed. You are absolutely not to allow anyone to move [those who have been entombed]. But if [someone does], I wish that [violator] to suffer capital punishment under the title of tomb-breaker.” 

*This is believed to be the first law in Roman history to make it a crime to disturb a grave. And although it does not mention Jesus by name, it may be that the “Nazareth Inscription” was Caesar’s response to the story of the resurrection of Christ and the controversy surrounding the disappearance of His body.

Christianity is the only religion on earth that professes a resurrected Savior as their foundation. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons all had their beginnings with one founder. Whether you are speaking of Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Buddha, Charles Russel or Joseph Smith… all these men died. But one has risen from the dead, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Savior is alive forever more!

There is nothing in the world like living for Him. 

Pastor Homer Hutto


Summer 2019 Unit 2 Introduction

Letter to the Hebrews


Sometimes people tend to give greater importance to the ordinary than it deserves. This is especially true in the age of social media. As a result, the extraordinary, amazing, and truly praiseworthy can become diminished. 

It is important not to allow our view of the spiritual realm—and most importantly, the redemptive work of our Savior—to suffer because of this tendency. Jesus Christ can never receive enough of our praise. This unit on the letter to the Hebrews emphasizes the greatness and surpassing worth of Christ over all created things, including angels, the high priests of the old covenant, and even Moses. This reality is particularly emphasized in the first lesson of this unit covering selected portions of chapters 1–3. Jesus is not only greater than all created things, but He supremely rules over all creation.

The next lesson, covering Hebrews 4–6, focuses on the need for Christians to mature in the faith. The expectation from Scripture is that all who follow after Christ are to grow up in Christ. Because Jesus is our Great High Priest, we can trust that He will provide the help we need to grow to full maturity in our faith.

The reality that Jesus is our High Priest is accentuated in Hebrews 7–8. Lesson 10 explores the fact Jesus’ priesthood, an everlasting priesthood, is greater than that of any priest who came before Him. Jesus is the high priest of a better covenant, the new covenant, that superseded the old covenant and its sacrificial system. The life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Christ made that covenant obsolete. As the teacher, you may wish to discuss the ways in which the Old Testament is still useful for members of the new covenant, even though the old covenant has been set aside. It is important to recognize and to teach the timeless value of the Old Testament, beyond the old covenant.

Not only is Jesus a greater high priest, but He also serves as the better sacrifice, one of infinite worth compared to the sacrifices the priesthood administered under the old covenant (Lesson 11). Jesus’ sacrifice was once for all and able to secure eternal redemption.

Anyone who has been a Christian for very long has come to realize it doesn’t mean the end of difficulties in this life. In fact, Jesus promised that His disciples would suffer because they followed Him. This reality can be especially difficult for some Christians when they face hardships. The audience of Hebrews was no different, as some were in danger of jettisoning their faith in Christ because of persecution. The author encouraged readers to persevere in the face of trails and stand firm to the end—a major focus of Lesson 12. 

Christians should continue in this ministry of encouragement today. One way to encourage perseverance involves offering a godly example of faithful Christian living. As we study Lesson 13, we find that the writer of Hebrews knew the value of encouragement and provided for us several examples, including the great “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11. These persons endured hardships because they had a vision of something greater that was to come. Likewise, Jesus serves as an example of faithful endurance in His mission. He endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him. This lesson, and indeed the entire unit, will help you encourage students to follow  His example when we suffer trials by looking forward to our eternal hope, where we will rest in and enjoy God’s presence forever. 



Summer 2019 Unit 2 Letter to the Hebrews


Lesson 10 A New Priesthood

August 4, 2019


Lesson 11 The Supreme Sacrifice

August 11, 2019


Lesson 12 Exhortation To Persevere

August 18, 2019 

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Lesson 13 Living by Faith in God

August 25, 2019 

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